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    Trading Licence. Trading licences can be obtained at the commercial departments of district or town and city councils. Requirements include forms and an accompanying covering letter outlining business operations in detail. Trading licences vary in fees and duration .

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    What is Trade License. Trade License is a certificate document which grants the permission to carry on a particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not confer ownership of property or permission for any other activity other than for which it is issued..

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    Trade License is a license or permission issued by the municipal corporation granting permission to carry on a particular trade on a particular address. Need for Trade license Tax Rights. A licensed business is an entity separate from yourself this means that the company's taxes .

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    TRADING LICENSE. ASSESSMENT, PAYMENT ISSUANCE Directorate of Revenue Collection. What is a trade license? This is a permission granted to someone upon application to a controlling authority to do something in prescribed man ner, usually after fulfillment of certain conditions and or pay .